Brylan Wright

Brylan Wright’s world is all about dinosaurs, big sisters and playing outside. This very active 5-year-old keeps his whole family busy.

Last year, after several days of cold symptoms, Brylan spiked a fever of 106. His parents took him to the emergency room and were told their son likely had leukemia. So they took him to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he spent nearly a month as an inpatient and will continue to have chemotherapy as an outpatient until 2016.

With his smile and energy back full force, Brylan is proud to be an Ambassador for the 2014 Parkway Run & Walk. On Sunday, Sept. 28, he’ll be participating with a team of family and friends to raise money for pediatric cancer research at CHOP. We’d love to see you there, too! Speak up for Brylan.

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